How do events work?

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2022-04-19 15:07

Events are a way to group data based on specific events like a hurricane, flood, tsunami, etc. By selecting an event, a member is letting researchers know their actions are related to a specific event. This facilitates improved data analysis of activities related to a particular data set. If an event is not selected, other less accurate methods have to be used to study an event.

Types of Events

There are two types of events. PubSafe platform wide events and organization level events. 

PubSafe Events

These are events created by PubSafe and are universally available to all members under the Admin>Settings menu. These are generally severe and regional events like hurricanes, wildfires, war, etc. Users are encourage to submit events for consideration.

Organization Events

There are times when organization conduct training or local searchers or events are small, less severe and local in nature that do not rise to the level of a PubSafe Event. Org events provide the foundation for analysing local events by grouping data. An org event will appear in the PubSafe mobile app when the user has designated the org to be their active organization. Users can be switch between orgs similar to how they can switch between teams. Member interaction is isolated to the active org selected. The number of orgs a member can join is determined by their PubSafe app subcription level. The higher the subscription, the more teams and orgs a user can join. 

PubSafe Disaster Event List

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