How can NGOs use the PubSafe platform?

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2022-03-17 20:11

The PubSafe portal was purpose-built around volunteer organizations like the Cajun Navy and Team Rubicon. There are specific tools in the app that facilitate SAR, CERT, and NGO-related activities. In the SitRep example below, select the SAR, NGO & Vol category. The list below demonstrates the wide variety of information that can be log data and coordinate efforts. 

PubSafe is a dispatching, data collection and information sharing platform to improve rescue and logistics response. It brings associated activities into a single portal so all NGO members are operating from the same environment. The PubSafe portal even lets you add User Defined Menus (UDM) to the portal so you can customize it with resources your team frequently uses. 

Potential Uses For NGOs

  1. Coordinate impromptu search parties. Have all participants install the PubSafe app so you can see everyone in the area for their safety and to ensure proper coverage. If you want to be able to view them in the portal, users must upgrade to the Pro version for the annual fee.
  2. When conducting search operations, mark evidence found so follow-on personnel can move to the exact location to evaluate the finding.
  3. Identify rally points and share a rally time with everyone at one time.
  4. Get team status reports to the map for all users to see.
  5. Log various key points during an event such as search start time, team location, special skills personnel, victims, and more. 

Global Travel

The PubSafe platform is very well suited to assist international organizations with keeping up with employees and volunteers globally. As long as cell and data service is available, users can be viewed by a central monitoring station for their safety and coordination. In high-risk situations, an organization can limit the visibility of members to just the organization. If someone were kidnapped, locating them on the PubSafe mobile app would be far faster than waiting to coordinate with authorities. 

Getting Started - Organization Setup Process - 

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