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2022-06-17 19:25

During disasters, information is often fragmented between dispatchers, agencies, or organizations. By utilizing the contact manager and directory, information can be shared within a single event such as a hurricane, but also over time between multiple disasters or emergencies. 

Directory entries are visible across all PubSafe Pro or higher users & organizations; Contacts are organization-specific. Anyone, or organization, can be in the directory without being in an organization or having the PubSafe app. No one can be in organization Contacts without the Pro or higher app.

Reference the glossary for various definitions found inside the Contact Manager. 

Contact Manager

The CM is used to share information within your organization. Information entered is not visible to other PubSafe users unless you opt to share it to the PubSafe Directory. Government agencies would be an example of organizations to enter into the PubSafe Directory. 

Specific to organizations and requires Pro and above mobile app. 

Contacts - Members and other people associated with the organization which may or may not also appear in the directory. Contacts can be included to all of the PubSafe community by selecting the inclusion option in the contact editor window.

Accounts - These are companies or organizations visible to a specific organization in their contact manager. Accounts can also be included to all of the PubSafe community by selecting the inclusion option in the organization editor window. 

Contact States - Contacts in the contact manager must be in one of the follow states.

  • Active     - A user which received an invitation and was approved by an org admin. Active org members which must be assigned security role and group.
  • Pending  - The user accepted an invitation to join an org but the org admin has not yet enabled final approval by making them active
  • Suspend - Inactive, not visible in the org and cannot view org information or receive dispatched missions or communication
  • Archived - Removed from the organization by an org admin
  • Deleted   - Removed from PubSafe by the user



Available to all PubSafe organization members and users with the Pro or higher mobile app.This enables sharing across organizations and events. 

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