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2023-04-10 18:42

Once an organization sends you a join link or shares a QR code, you can temporarily link to the organization to participate in a seach party. Once connected the organization will be able to track you in the web portal until 1. the link expires 2. you unlink from the organization 3. you go "invisible" by selecting the visibility icon (eyeball) on the top of the PubSafe mobile app. 

You will receive an email with the below information.

Subject: Search Party Volunteer Invitation

Dear Volunteer,

An organization using the PubSafe platform for search operations invited you to temporarily join and participate in a search party. Follow the instructions below so the organization can track your location and communicate with you. You can remove yourself from the organization or make yourself “invisible” at any time by clicking the eyeball icon at the top in the PubSafe app. 

Step 1. Install the PubSafe mobile app. From your phone - Click here for iOS and Click here for Android or search for “PubSafe SOS

Step 2. Upgrade to PubSafe Plus. From the admin menu in the top left (“hamburger menu”), select App Upgrade, select Plus. You can cancel the app after the search or keep the free version.

 Step 3. In the PubSafe Plus app navigate to More>Organizations>Join Org. The More menu is in the lower right.

Step 4. Enter the 4-digit temporary key below or scan the QR code into the Join Org section.

Join key: TBD

example only

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