How does the CRM work?

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2021-07-22 20:49

CRM stands for customer resource management. CRMs are used by all major corporations to manage and organize customer and vendor information. Popular CRMs include Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. PubSafe recognizes how important information organization and security is to NGOs. Many NGOs are still operating on Excel spreadsheets shared across multiple personal computers. This lack of control and central management puts the entire organization at risk if one person leaves. THE VALUE OF HAVING A CRM FOR NGO'S CANNOT BE OVERSTATED!

Your organization can store member information, vendors, schedule calls, document meetings, create dashboards and more. There is a separate and independent permission structure in the CRM that can be set up to allow everyone in your organization to access and enter information from the web portal or mobile app. No more hunting around for phone numbers, look them up in the CRM. 

The instance of CRM is provided free and therefore support is not available to teach users how to utilize the platform.

If training or configuration assistance is needed is it available in blocks of 20 hours for $2,500 which must be paid in advance. Use of the CRM is free until the database size reaches 3 gigabytes. Once the limit is reached you will be contacted with pricing. If you have a plug-in you want to be added to the CRM, there is an administrative fee that will vary based on the time required but there is a $250 minimum. 

For this CRM there are lots of training videos on YouTube and extensive add-ins which expand the value and capability of the CRM. 

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