SAR Tracking

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The tracking functionality is primarily provided to aid in search operations. When a team is searching an area, being able to see the ground covered is important to being thorough. A lost child or evidence may be in a small clump of trees which is overlooked by the search party. 

Security Considerations

  • SAR Tracking is limited to org members with specific permissions. It is not available to any PubSafe user, or guest website visitor. 
  • Search activity is stored in the History table for accountability. It indicates who, what and when a search was made so Orgs can determine if a search is appropriate.
  • Users can opt to be excluded by chaning their visibility settings. User visibility always supercedes Team and Org functionality.
  • Search windows are limited to 96 hours. For SAR operations track history outside a search event is unnecessary. 

"Select" Tab Options

  1. To remove non-org members from the map, check this box. 
  2. All users displayed on the map will be part of the users available on the Tracks tab. Non-Org members will automatically be filtered unless your org and user role has permission to track people outside your organization. This is intended for Public Benefit Researchers only. 
  3. A very specific group of users can be selected by right clicking on the map and using the various selection tools to select org members.
  4. Click on the Track tab after selecting org members to track.  


"Track" Tab Options

  1. Select the date and time window within the previous 96 hours.
  2. Select the resolution for the track data. The few the data points, the faster the return and the larger the period and number of users which can be included.
  3. View the data points to be included to get an idea of track resolution. 
  4. Track points will be determined by user visibility selection plus variables which may include changes in speed, direction, and distance traveled. 

Maximum Data Points

There is a maximum number of data points which can be returned in a single query. If your data query exceeds the total a warning will be display. You must then change the query to reduce the number of returns. To do this, reduce the number of users or the data/time range and click apply. The current limit is 6,000,000 track points. This enables approximate 200 users (org members only) to be tracked for 8 hours at a rate of 1 GPS point per second. This is sufficient to review the area covered by a large search party to ensure the team covered the entire area. 

"Message" Tab Options

  1. After users are selected they may be sent a message from the same menu for convenience and efficient communication. 

  1. Set the message importance. Normal, Low, High, Very High
  2. CC the user sending the message to confirm the message was transmitted.
  3. Select a message template for your organization or create a unique message.
  4. Add more users to the outgoing message as needed.
  5. Create, edit and delete message templates for efficient and consistent messaging. 
  6. Government agencies that can message any PubSafe user are required to have two user permission to reduce the chance of errors and improve accountability.

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