How do teams work?

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2022-02-23 18:31

Teams are a grouping of users that want to share and communicate within the team. Teams can be used for families, impromptu search parties, or enterprise organizations tracking employees globally. Every organization has a team created by default so users can be invited to join an organization team. A unique org team link is created when an organization is approved to utilize the PubSafe portal. 

Users must have the Base or higher version of the PubSafe mobile app to join a team. The number of teams and the number of team members is limited by the app version. Users must select one active team and one organization at a time for information management. Users can change the active team or organization at any time.

Team and Team Member Limits:

Free: 0 & 0
Base: 2 & 5
Plus: 5 & 10
Pro: 7 & 30,000
Enterprise: 10 & 35,000
Government: 10 & 35,000
Contact us if you need a higher member limit.

Users must have a Pro or higher version of the PubSafe mobile app to join an organization. 


Team Member Status

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