Responder Mission Status

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2021-09-13 19:57

Only responders can be tasked with a mission and only when in mission-ready status. To receive a mission open the More>Change Role menu and select Responder. If you want to stop acting as a responder, simply switch back anytime. The bar above the map will be green for Citizen and blue for Responder. It will also show your Mission Status.

When en route to a large natural disaster, you should go into a responder role and indicate you are mission ready. Dispatchers monitoring the situation will see your location and assign you an appropriate mission based on your location, skills, and resources. There is a lot of misinformation during disasters so responders must be ready for any situation and never operate alone. 

Responder Status:

  • Mission Ready - No current mission assigned and ready for a new mission. Only 1 mission can be assigned at a time. 
  • On Mission - Actively working an assigned mission.
  • Mission Complete - This shares the disposition of a mission with the dispatchers so they can mark the mission complete and focus on the next mission.
  • Mission Not Complete - This shares the disposition of the mission with the dispatchers so they can search for an alternative course of action.
  • On Break - Resting and recovering, unable to accept a mission for a "short" period. This helps dispatchers work efficiently and not call people who are not ready to receive a new mission.
  • Off Duty - No longer working the event. Likely preparing to leave the area.
  • Returning Home - Still in responder status but returning home or to long-term rest and recovery location.

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