What is Public Benefit Research?

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2021-08-04 19:01

One goal of PubSafe is to study how people move before and after emergencies and disasters and in response to help requests. By collecting this data researchers can visualize routes users take, speed on roads, response to public announcements and instructions, timeframes for evacuations, and other factors that can shape future emergency management plans, infrastructure, and resource allocation.

Disabling Public Benefit Research

  • When PBR is disabled, location tracking is disabled. This has several consequences. 
    • You will no longer receive geo-location-based alerts from the government, PubSafe, or NGOs
    • If you have an emergency, your location will not be available to other users, your teams, or organizations. 
    • Your data will not be part of the dataset used to find improvements in the areas identified.
  • Users have the option to go "Invisible" to other users by clicking on the eye icon in the header bar. This does not preclude location data from being collected but it prevents all users, teams and organizations from seeing your location.
  • To disable PBR navigate to the admin menu in the top left and toggle off the Public Benefit Research option. See image below. 


  • Read our privacy statement in the mobile app for how data is used.
  • Data is never sold or shared with 3rd parties for marketing. Anyone licensed to use the data must also agree to these terms.
  • PubSafe has no interest in what you do that is not related to the research listed above. 

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