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2022-03-18 20:49

Team functionality is strictly at the mobile app level and for Android only. Apple has blocked us from doing updates due to safety concerns. If you are a governement agency and are willing to request Apple to release our updates, please email Apple is requiring PubSafe to receive an expression of interest in the PubSafe platform from a government agency.

A team is not visible to an organization in the PubSafe portal. Users can be invited to, and join, an organization to interact with dispatchers using the portal.

Teams access is controlled by the app version. Teams is not available until the Base level at $.99/yr. The higher the app version, the more teams a single user can join and the more members can be in a single team. Users can change between teams at any time as seen in the screen captures. A users teams cannot see or interact between teams if a user is a member of multiple teams; teams are independent of other teams.

Step 1 - Create a Team

Step 2 - Setup Team Parameters

Step 3 - Invite Members to Join

Step 4 - View Teams Administration

Step 5 - Administer Team & Members


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