How do I use the PubSafe mobile app?

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2024-05-30 14:58

The mobile app is easy to use but quite robust.

If you need assistance creating an org and logging in for the first time - Go Here

After launching the app:

  1. Select from the 4 menu options along the bottom based on your intended use. Only a few items are required*. 
  2. Select a top-level sub-category
  3. Enter a subject for the dispatchers and others to read quickly
  4. Select specific items from the list so responders know what is needed to respond to a help request or to stare detailed information
  5. Add photos or videos to assist others in understanding the situation
  6. Add a free-form comment
  7. Submit

A user can be in either the default Citizen status or can change to Responder under the more menu. A user must upgrade to at least the Plus app version to go into Responder status. Only users which are very familiar with the app and are available to respond to help requests should change from the default status of Citizen to Responder. Qualified users can go switch between Citizen and Responder at any time to signal their status to others. 

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

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