What access do the various app levels have?

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2022-06-07 21:29

In general:

You must have the PubSafe™ mobile app to register a user. You must upgrade to join a Team or an Organization. Click Here to get the PubSafe™ app.

The app version will determine the level of access and functionality once in the portal and mobile app. The list below is just a rough outline and can change at any time. 

Free - Users can only use the bottom menu functions, no Responder role, does not get alerts, cannot use Teams, or access the PubSafe™ portal.

Base - Citizen only. Limited number of Teams and team members. Can log into web portal only view the member map. 

Plus - Can change to Responder status, access the web portal member map, weather data, more and bigger teams.

Pro - Designed for NGOs. Portal dispatching tools and advanced functionality. Large teams and org membership. 

Government - Large teams and lots of org members. Portal access for mass messaging any PubSafe user in a limited area.

Enterprise - Designed for global organizations like the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Samaritans Purse. It can be used by any business seeking safety and communication functionality. 

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