What happens if there is no cellular or data service?

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2021-07-22 20:49

The PubSafe app requires a cellular connection with a data service to work. 

Since almost all citizen communication is cellular dependent, cell service is a top priority for utility companies. Everyone understands how important cellular service is to help those in need. Until cell service is restored, you need to be self-sufficient. 

Things to do before a disaster.

  1. Charge your devices and backup batteries.
  2. Select the Event in the PubSafe app so you can be grouped with others getting even specific alerts and communication. Admin menu>Settings>Public Event
  3. Check-in using the Status option in the lower-left corner to report your last known location and plan of action.
  4. Put devices in battery saver mode or turn them off until needed.
  5. Check your phone for service and then turn it off if there is none.
  6. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi service to reduce battery consumption.
  7. Dim the screen. Screen brightness takes a lot of battery.
  8. Avoid unnecessary phone use like recording social media videos.
  9. Be sure to enable "Show my last location" under Settings.
  10. Suspend background tracking in all apps but PubSafe. Background GPS tracking can consume a lot of battery. 
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