How do I offer Help or Emergency Requests on my website?

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2021-07-22 21:02

Every organization gets a custom URL specific to use on their website and social media. This is generated when an organization is created and can be found under the Account>Admin section. This URL can be added to a website using an iframe or the link can be otherwise embedded.

When a help request is received, the unique organization code in the URL is attached to the help request. The request is then made available in the organization's queue for X minutes. If it is not dispatched to an available responder in X minutes, the request is moved to the PubSafe queue, where any organization can assign to a mission-ready responder. Only mission-ready responders can be dispatched a new mission. A responder can only be assigned one mission at a time. The duration of "X" will vary by the nature of 

The process of the mission timing out repeats until the mission is completed or marked inactive. Mission activity is tracked and will eventually be part of statistics for an organization and to study the response efforts of NGOs and other organizations. 

Request Help - Pubsafe - Citizen Public Safety Network

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