FAQ Glossary

Government ID
This field is to enable government organizations to validate users before dispatching or when joining an organization. It is not displayed on the mobile map, only in the portal to all organizations.
Help Request
A non-life-threatening request for assistance. The definition can change based on the quantity and severity of global help requests and emergency assistance requests during a disaster. A priority help request may be downgraded to a lower priority during a major disaster with a large number of emergency requests.
Locations are temporary points of interest such as shelters, rally points, incident command centers, airfields, staging areas, logistics depots, relief depots, etc. Locations can also be retail stores that want to post updates during disasters to keep the local community informed.
A mission is a request for assistance from any source. It is a military term to instill the mindset of the importance to help others. A help request is dispatched to responders as a mission. A responder can only accept one mission at a time and must be in Mission Ready status.
Mission Status
Mission Ready. On Mission (auto assigned). Mission Complete. Mission Not Complete. On Break. Off Duty (downtime).
My Status
The My Location map filter is used to show or hide your location icon. Your location icon is always black and on top of other icons. To select an icon below your icon, you may need to hide it temporarily. This does not hide it from other users, it just enables you to select items below your icon easily.
A structured group, typically an NGO, non-profit or government agency, operating as a cohesive unit to a common goal. Organizations include a team but many additional features as well. Apply at: https://pubsafe.net/organization-registration/
Quick Post
A QP is a shortcut menu with the most commonly used posts and for quick emergency posts. The same options are found in other areas of the app.
A user which has switched from a Citizen role to that of a Responder. A responder is volunteering to help others when called upon directly through a help request, or as part of a team or organization. Responders are expected to have above-average skills and resources which can be matched to the details of a help request or just to be an extra set of hands at an incident.
Share My Location
There are several places which enable users to share their location using email or SMS. The quickest way is to click your icon (black) on the map and select "Share via SMS" under the Location header.