FAQ Glossary

Situation Report - SitRep
A sitrep is a short report on what is going on in a user's area. Sitreps are short in format and should include images or video. Sitreps give other users, responders and the government real-time visibility on an area or situation. Sitreps can be used to report something unusual or nothing at all; both provide insight for emergency managers.
Click the SOS icon in the top header to request emergency help. SOS requests will expire if not renewed before the timer counts down. Responders may still respond when able to confirm the emergency is over but there is not a guarantee.
A group of users that want to share information within the team only. Teams can be a few people, up to 35,000 based on the version of the PubSafe mobile app installed.
User Label
Show or hide user public profile names on the map.
Options to control how and when information is available to other users, teams, organizations or for public benefit research.
Volunteer Hours
A record of hours contributed to an event for the purpose of documentation and potential compensation by a government agency or managing organization.