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2021-07-22 22:50

The help request form is generally used by 3rd parties to seek help for others in a different location. If you need help or at the location, submit the form and then install the PubSafe mobile app for onging information sharing. Download - Pubsafe - Citizen Public Safety Network

Share as much detailed information as you can that will help Responders find the location more efficiently and bring the right resources. 

Location Details

  • Size, color, and type of location or building
  • Landmarks such as a pond, water tower, gate, statue, etc. 
  • Gate or building codes
  • Hazards
  • Security or physical access constraints

Help Details

  • Number, ages, and health of people and animals
  • Location inside
  • Names of people
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Animals - type, number, size
  • Landmarks or unique features
  • Gate or building code
  • Special equipment needed
  • Medical issues
  • Hazardous material such as chemicals, propane, oxygen

Form Explanation

  1. Is the help for you or someone else?
  2. Paste GPS coordinates from Google or Bing or find the location on the map below.
  3. Are you at the location where help is needed? Use the PubSafe app if you are onsite. 
  4. Describe the location to aid responders. Remember signs and normal landmarks may be missing in a fire or storm.
  5. Can you give permission to access the property?
  6. Is an access coded needed to enter a community or building?
  7. Describe the help needed in as much detail as possible.
    1. PubSafe Knowledge Base - Help Request Form - Request Details
  8. The time the request should remain active. 
  9. Include photos, videos and audio files if it will improve the rescue effort.

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