Getting Started -Registering an Org & Inviting Members

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2023-03-29 18:52

The general steps to get an organization on the PubSafe platform and add members. For a more detailed explanation click here or visit our YouTube channel.

  1. All users must install the PubSafe mobile app. Log into the portal using the mobile app credentials. The version of the mobile app dictates your portal access rights.
  2. Upgrade the PubSafe app to Pro, Government, or Enterprise. Lower-level versions cannot join an organization.
  3. Submit an organization application at 
  4. When you submit an organization application, you are the org creator and initial admin. 
  5. Your organization will be evaluated and approved or rejected. 
  6. On approval, login and go to Account>User>Joins. Send invitations to other PubSafe users you want as members. You can do this individually or the recipient can share the invite with other people using the QR code, link, org code, etc. This enables a large group of people to join quickly in pending approval status.
  7. The org admin must then approve each member. Since the org invite can be shared so easily, members must be approved to join an org even though an invitation was sent.
  8. Members can then login to the PubSafe portal using their mobile app credentials but will only see what is available to their assigned role.

User Organization Selection

In the PubSafe app, members navigate to More>Organizations menu (lower right) and select the organization they want to affiliate with. Users can affiliate with more than one org and freely switch between organizations. A user's visibility, role, and permission will change based on the organization selected.

Dispatcher Organization Selection

Dispatchers can switch between orgs in the portal. The last org selected and saved in the portal is the org that will be used on login. To switch orgs, select the new org under Under the user profile in the top right, select Profile. Change the Current Organization from the drop menu showing orgs you are approved as a member. Click save. When you log back in, the org will have changed. You can confirm this by seeing the org listed under the Profile menu (top right). 

How to Invite Members to an Organization

Click here - PubSafe Knowledge Base - Inviting Members to an Organization

  1. Members must install the PubSafe mobile app and upgrade to the Pro version.
  2. Invite the users from the web portal.
  3. App users must accept the invite. More>Join Org
  4. The portal admin must set final approval in portal.
  5. The app user then selects the active Org in the app under the More (lower right)>Organizations>My Orgs menu.
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